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La  Fenix

We awoke one night to a next door house fire.  Pensacola fire department fought the blaze for many hours before finally extinguishing  it. It was the historical home of Ray and Hilda Jones. The insurance company claim it as a total loss, but the decision was made to save the home.

North Hill Renovation under the direction of George Demny (architect) and Ray Jones (owner) set out to restore this beautiful home.

The entire roof, including shingles, attic windows and paint were fabricated on the ground and then lifted up  by a 400 ton crane to its home on the walls. With the house now dried in the interior work began.

The interior  was striped to the studs and the trim work that was not burned was saved. A special coating was applied to all the interior to block out the smoke smell. New wiring, plumbing, HVAC units and windows were installed.  Two layers of sheet rock covered the walls and ceilings to match the depth of the plaster.

The magnificent heart pine  trim that was saved was striped and reinstall , and the new trim was milled out of river bottom cypress for an exact match.

The grand stair case  was fabricated to match the original in every detail.